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Written by Siloam Baptist Church   

Speak to me Lord, and I Will Answer You: "Here I am Lord, Send Me!"

This is what brother Isaiah offered to the Lord for a service requirement, in his recorded testimony at chapter and verse 6:8. It is also the instruction given to Samuel by Eli, (a aman of God). And we remember that Samuel is the forerunner of all God's prophets.

But our title (word-for-word) in this email are also what struck me when I arose early this morning, and turned on Christ-centered music on a Christian broacasing radio network. I had never heard this particular  song before, but these words found me, struck me, and are with me still, as I convey them to you.

Asking God to speak (to us) firstly is remenicient of Moses' stipulation to God, his Father, when charged by God to do a thing for The Glory of his God. Moses enjoined with God, asking Him "what help, or what person, or what group of people would help him, going to accomplish what God charged him with. Read Exodus 33:12-13.

And Moses was given the greatest assurance that one could have. Father assured him saying; "My..Presence..(which is The Holy Spirit) shall go with you!"

And Father seems to be mildly admonishing Moses, adding; 'And..even though you did not have the presence of mind to ask for it, 'I will also give you rest'  (In your endeavors to honor me, and bless my people.) -- Dear Reader, don't stop here. Continue to read, believe, grasp and retain verse 33:14)

Moses was not doubting Father's words, in Exodus 33:15; when he humbled firstly down and then up, to his father, .."If Thy Divine and Indeafeatable Presence, personally does not go with..me.. carry (or send) us not up from here. Moses (like me dear Reader) was only reiterating the absolute futility of attempting to defeat Satan and his evil ways, and cohorts, if God's Holy Spirit -in and of-The Eternal-Christ, did not go with him.

This is what Father had obviously and always so prearranged and provided.

Jesus said the same, but with implantation, in Matthew 11:28-29, "Come unto me all you that labor and are heavily laden and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am mild and lowly in heart: and ..you shall.. find rest for your souls.

For..My..yoke is easy, and..My.. burden is light.

Do you believe that I am in The Father, and The father is in Me? Hence, the words that I speak unto to you, (right now, dear Reader) I speak not of Myself: but the Father that dwells in me, He does the work. ...For I always do those things that please Him.

It is THE SPIRIT that quicken a person to a (the) new life. Our flesh profits us nothing in these matters. These Words that I speak unto you..THEY ARE SPIRIT: BECAUSE THEY ARE THE LIFE OF THE SPIRIT!


(See Matthew 11:28-30 & John 4:10-11 & John 8:27-29 & John 6:63)


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