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Written by Siloam Baptist Church   

Thursdays, “Maids Day Off” was the beginning of gatherings from which grew Siloam Baptist Church.  Two deacons from Second Baptist Church in Wayne, Pennsylvania would travel over to Mrs. Perry’s Restaurant, now the site Anna Catanese’s Florist Shop at 321 DeKalb Street.  There they would conduct services with a few folk from Norristown.  This group included Saul Smith, Wilson Kenny, Betty and Charles Blockson, Moses Harris, George Robinson, Stella Robinson, Jane Johnson, Mamie Meade, James Meade and Mr. and Mrs. Warner.

This group moved to the 500 block of DeKalb Street to the second floor of a Chinese laundry.  Reverend Baxter was the first pastor, followed in succession by Reverend Coleman, Reverend Perry, and Reverend Daniel C. Howard.

The next location was on the second floor of the Odd Fellows Hall on Airy Street, now the location of law offices across from old City Hall.  Additional members included Clara Petty, Lizzie Ficklin, Mary Chapman Miles, Miranda Goins, Daisy Wolf, William Wolfe, James N. Livers, Debbie Thompson, Jessie Berry, William Berry, Joe Wright, Fannie Queen, Amos Page, Mairma Page, Harry Queen, Amy Ross, Charles Coates, Anthony Butler, Abby Wheeler, George Bell, Sr., Ella Bell, Mrs. Sill, Rosa Coates, James Lee, Marshall Lee, and Mrs. Sarah Brooks.

We Salute those who led us step by step.

Pastor was Reverend Baxter, followed by the Reverends Coleman, Perry, and Daniel E. Howard: Services held on second floor of Chinese Laundry at 500 DeKalb Street; Later moved to second floor of Old Fellows Hall on Airy Street.

Reverend Daniel E. Howard: Obtained charter, incorporating the name Siloam Baptist Church; 1908 Officers bought four lots on Willow Street: 132, 133, 134, 135; Built the basement walls of the church.

Reverend J. R. Willis: Interior of basement completed; Worship services conducted for first time on Willow Street.

Reverend Reuben J. Johnson: Obtained stones which were used in building of the present edifice; 1917 – bought the present parsonage on Willow Street.

Reverend J. B. Pratt: Successfully completed the installation of the Baptismal Pool; Installation of church pews.

Reverend Edward Caffee: A powerful evangelist; A new roof added; 1928 – Siloam’s 25th Anniversary; Siloam becomes first black church to host the World Day of Prayer

Reverend Samuel Martin: Steered Siloam through financially troubled depression years.

Reverend William A. Nowlin: Pipe Organ installed and dedicated in 1941; 1946 – Led in burning of mortgage; Remodeling interior of church.

Reverend William R. Harris: Renovation of kitchen and restrooms; Installation of the Wicks Organ.

Reverend John H. West, III: Significantly increased membership; Powerful sermons – visionary eyes set on tomorrow; Organized the business and running of the church using modern technology; New ministries; Increased our outreach ministries to the community. Purchased three properties and Siloam has launched into a building program for the continued expansion of ministry into the community.



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